Thursday, 1 November 2012

'The Body Shop' Sale Haul!

With The Body Shop having a huge sale online, I thought it was the perfect time to stock up on some treats for the beauty draw! Below are the lovelies I got delivered; 

So, What did I think?

Candied Ginger Body Scrub - This scrub has a lovely sweet and warming smell, great for the winter months! It's particularly good because of it's creamy texture, which leaves your skin nicely exfoliated but still soft and moisturised. All of the Body Shop scrubs are great, and this is one of my personal favourites.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub - If you're looking for a face scrub to brighten up your complexion, this is the one for you. It's very gentle on your skin and leaves a lovely citrus fragrance behind. A word of warning - use sparingly as it's not cheap (£12 for 75ml)

Vitamin C Skin Reviver - A lifetime favourite of mine! I discovered this last year when I did a spell of Body Shop consulting, and I absolutely adore it. It has the same great fragrance as the scrub, and is a multi-purpose product which can be used as a moisturiser, serum or underneath make up as a primer. The best thing about this is how soft and smooth is leaves your skin, you can't help touching it!

Delipcious in Watermelon - Being quite fair-skinned, i've always found it difficult to find a suitable daytime lip colour that doesn't wipe me out. However the colour of this is very warm but not too bright, and glides onto your lips to leave a pretty shimmer. Personally, I like to mix it with my cherry chapstick to make it a slightly cooler shade.

Earth Lovers shower gels; Lemon & Thyme; Fig & Rosemary; Watermelon & Eucalyptus - These shower gels are very unique, as they are fragranced with fruit and herbs, which makes them lovely and refreshing. They lather well and do not dry out you skin, even in sensitive areas. My favourite is Watermelon & Eucalyptus as I just can't can't enough of watermelon fragrances and this one does not dissapoint!

Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder - I'm not convinced with this product if i'm honest. The bag instructs you to add a tablespoon of the powder to your bath, however I found this wasn't enough to really do anything. It foamed on contact with the water then quickly disappeared. It did have a nice, subtle fragrance (similar to talcum powder) and seemed to soften the water a bit but in my opinion, it's one of those things you use once or twice, then tuck in the back of the draw.

Facial Brush with Lid - a soft bristled, cute little brush perfect for making your face wash work a bit harder. The bristles feel lovely on your face and help to give it a soft exfoliation, which is great if you're like me and have oily skin.

Love Etc... Sun Kiss Eau De Toilette - I am in love with this; I'm not a perfume person at all, but I bought one of these earlier on in the year for a holiday and just couldn't stop wearing it! It's very fruity and sweet so it's not for everyone, but if you like that kind of perfume, it's heaven! The staying power is very good, and is actually much better than many top brands.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite Body Shop products and why?

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