Monday, 18 February 2013

Fluoro fun!

Summer is here! Okay I lie, it is still freezing, but the sun was shining enough for me to cruise around in Colin (Colin Corsa, my automobile) in sunglasses at the weekend - which soon brought out my sunny spirit! In celebration of daylight, I decided to bring a bit of colour into my wardrobe, and decided on this outfit for a casual trip to the shops;

Graffiti vest top - Hand me down from my Brother
Pink Fluorescent belt - New Look £2
Grey cardi - Hand me down from Mother Hubbard
Leggings - Dunnes £5
Converse-a-like - New Look £3

Yes you read that right, an outfit for under a tenner! It's surprising what you can put together on a budget, especially when you keep a few 'basics' that you can mix-and-match with virtually anything.

What is your go-to basic clothing item? What do you think about clothing 'budget buys'?

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