Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Macro photography!

Okay, I admit; this is not a beauty post (thanks Captain Obvious). But I just could not resist showing you all my shiny new lens filters! If you're into photography and I'm sure most of you are if your gorgeous blog photos are anything to go by, then you will know how extortionate macro lenses can be (at least £150). Unfortunately my budget won't quite stretch to that just yet so, I went on the hunt for an alternative ... and here it is!

These filters cost me around £8 on ebay, brand new and in the case. I won't bore you with all of the technical details, but quite simply these screw onto your existing lens and allow you to get much closer to your subject; et voila! Macro photography on a budget. See below for a couple of experiments from today!

What do you think of these macro lens filters? Do you have any other tips for achieving macro photography on the cheap?


  1. Are you kidding me??? I didn't know that these existed!! I'm off to eBay now - thanks for the info, seriously.;)

    1. I know I only discovered them a few days ago! I love macro photography but I don't spend enough time on it to justify buying a proper lens! They are great I have been experimenting over the weekend! :)