Monday, 18 February 2013

Mask Monday - John Frieda

Having platinum blonde hair for over a year now, I've really noticed how much it damages and dries out your hair (not that I am going to change the colour any time soon!) Of course, you should always try to prevent damage where possible, as they say 'prevention is better than cure' - but when the damage is already done, what can you do?

This is when I turned to the John Frieda Frizz Ease Night Crème Serum. The product comes in a shimmery blue tube (below), and I believe I paid around £5 for 50ml. According to the packaging, the Frizz Ease Night Crème Serum is an 'overnight repair formula to nourish and repair dry, damaged or frizzy hair'. It is recommended that a 10p size amount of the product is applied to the lengths and ends of hair and left in overnight, to be washed out the following morning.

So, I slathered on the thick, white formula as instructed and waited. After washing it out the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised! I was left with a soft, frizz-free barnet, and the frizz seemed to stay at bay until the next wash, which is great! When I first realised this was an overnight formula, I was a little concerned about my pillow cases and thought it could transfer, but I am pleased to announce that the serum stayed firmly in my hair and off of my bedsheets.

I've used the John Frieda Crème serum many times now, and I am never disappointed with the results. Here's a little tip for those of you looking to prevent rather than treat; apply the serum before going swimming, then rinse out afterwards (don't shampoo) - doing this simple trick will give your hair an extra layer of protection in the water. Also, the natural oils in your hair will form a barrier which will prevent the chlorine from entering the follicles, and you'll save time after your swim - triple threat!

What experience have you had with John Frieda products? Do you have any hair SOS saviours?

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